How does a portable concrete mixer work?


Portableconcrete mixerincludes stainless steel drum, mixing paddles, power enclosure, plastic drum, gas engine, drum drive gear, drum tile wheel, drum tile lock, tires, hitch, safety chain and emergency stop.
How does a portable concrete mixer work?
1. The Concrete Mixer consists of a large rotating drum with internal paddles for combining cement, aggregate and water into a mixture for forming concrete. The operator can put the materials in the drum, such as water, cement and others.
2. Starting the generator, the enclosure on the back end houses the gas engine for turning the mixing drum. A set of pulleys and drive belt within the enclosure transmits rotational power to the drum. This parts of the rapidly rotating blades driven mixing drum.
3. A lever or wheel on the front end of the drum assembly allows the operator to tilt the drum to the required position for mixing and emptying.
4. An extendable hitch on the front of the frame allows the hitch to extend for towing and retracts during operation.
5. Discharging the concrete material with concrete pump
6. Emergency stop is to protect the operators or concrete mixers

Portable concrete mixer is one of concrete equipment, we also produce concrete batching plant for big construction projects.

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