How to install a single shaft concrete mixer?


This article takes a example to introduce how to install a single shaft concrete mixer. The 60L horizontal single shaft concrete mixer installation is a continuous mixer, drum mixer or electric motor mixer.


We should understand this single shaft concrete mixer features
Mixing type: compulsory mixer
Function: construction projects
Material Type: solid particles.
Applicable materials: concrete.
Power Type: Electric.
Layout of the form: horizontal.
Stirring: forced mixing.
Operation: continuous mode of operation.
Mixing drum shape: the drum-type.
Device mode: mobile.

How to install a single shaft concrete mixer?
Opening the packaging, you should inspect the gearbox, mixing drum and structure base quality, whether damage or not. The Whether or loose fasteners, if loose should be tightened, the supporting foundation for the smooth concrete floor
If the concrete mixer should be moved, it should be tied on the frame,may not the mixing shaft
Installed with iron wheel, concrete mixer can move

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