How to maintain concrete mixers?


Concrete mixers normally wear and tear during the working, how to maintain concrete mixers? The operators or other owners are normally cleaning the cement machine.


Wear and Tear, Cleanness for concrete mixers
In determining mixer efficiency, the main focus has been determining the homogeneity and the quality of the concrete produced. It was assumed that the mixer was operating as designed by its manufacturer. But long usage of a mixer leads to wear of the blades and/or scraper, or the build-up of materials (hardened mortar or cement paste) on the blades, the container, and/or the scraper. Wear and build-up will change the geometry of the mixer and therefore the flow pattern of the concrete, and may lead to changes in the concrete produced [Concrete production plants and mixers: some aspects of their design an operation].

To avoid this situation, the concrete mixer should be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day of operation and the blades and/or scraper changed on a regular schedule.

It can be argued that criteria for a mixer selection should include
• ease of cleaning;
• cost and difficulty of replacing the blades or parts;
• sensitivity of the mixer to wear and tear of the blades.

Wear and tear, cleanness is one of properties for cement mixers, these can provide mixer service life. Sometimes, this can improve working efficiency.

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