How to maintain the Cement mixing machine?


After mixing concrete or cement materials, the cement mixing machine should be cleaned and maintained to ensure the mixing efficiency or improve the service life.


How to maintain the Cement mixing machine?
a.Cleaning and maintenance of the body to remove dirt and obstacles on the body.
b. Check the oil and lubrication circuits and control equipment, add oil as required.
c. Before each shift, stirring water cylinder idle 1-- to 2min, while checking the reliability of the clutch and brake units work.
d. The concrete mixer operation, the check should always listen to the motor, reducer, gear noise is normal, the temperature rise is too high.
e. After each shift, should be carefully cleaned concrete mixer.

Cement mixing machine also called concrete mixer, mainly produce high quality concrete materials, and required that stirring, short mixing time, discharging fast, little waste, low consumption and low pollution

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