How to operate a concrete truck?


Concrete truck operating introduction includes inspection and operating before feeding aggregate; feeding, transporting, discharging and cleaning after discharge.


How to operate a concrete truck before feeding?
In the beginning, we should defect the oil box, hydraulic pump, motor which whether having enough cleaning hydraulic oil or not, the water box has enough water, other parts
Start the car engine running for a moment, to pump enough gas reservoir.
The servo valve operated pump handle in a central location, this time mixing tube at rest.
Everything is normal, joystick reversing the stirring tube 2 to 3 times at low speed, check the hydraulic drive system is normal.

How to operate a concrete truck feeding system?
Drove to the station addition funnel with stirring, so that the hopper car port and mixing plant discharge funnel on the positive, concrete flowing out of the car to prevent waste and pollution caused by vehicle.
Joystick, so that the mixing tube being conveyed 10 ~ 12r / min, can then feed to the mixing tube.

Concrete mixer truck transporting
Material means the nominal capacity of the agitation, the joystick, the engine speed adjusted to 1800r / min when to make agitation speed mixing tube is 1 ~ 3r / min, the engine speed after the minimum, and then lock the handle in the cab, the drove to the place of delivery. From the beginning to feed the discharge is completed the maximum allowed time of 1.5 hours, or mixing drum rotating 300 revolutions (whichever time is shorter).
Vehicles loaded uphill should make appropriate mixing drum rotational speed.
After the car to the place of delivery, the discharge chute and extended for an unloading chute steering position.
Before manipulating the vehicle rear sides of the handle should be positioned to unlock the cab operated locking plate in order to achieve mixing drum rear reversing operation. Then the discharge rate based on site requirements.

How to clean the concrete truck after discharging materials?
After each discharge, you must feed hopper, the mixing tube inside and outside the discharge chute clean to prevent solidification of concrete on said member.

Different concrete mixer truck is designed in different size and shape, there will be some differences in the specific operation, the driver should operate the concrete truck in accordance with specifications.

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