How to repair the concrete mixer truck wheel?


Concrete mixer truck includes chassis, mixing drum, transportation system and water system. The concrete trucks spare parts include the tower hoist, wheel, paddles, volumetric content and accessories.

About concrete mixer truck wheel
According the worse road, and loading ability, the wheels are destroyed by the sharp objects. In the high temperature, operating the concrete mixer truck can reduce the service life, even puncture. If there is a small gap, we can repair it. There is big gap, we only exchange the wheel.

The wheel structure

mixer truck wheel

How to repair the concrete mixer truck wheel
About wheel maintenance, if you we newer, you can choose the old waste wheel to test, and observe the temperature and pressure and remember them. You should wear protective glasses during Grinder grinding grip when playing avoid rebound. The steps have
1. Brushing glue, the glue to dry
2. Rubber and tire cord fabric affixed inside the tire
3. Then compacted compression, beware air sandwich
4. followed by selection and common tire size tire repair airbag, outside of the tire it is necessary to suture wounds, filling suture fill plastic viviparous
5. After the tire is a tire with a wide spread open, the balloon is loaded with the preparation or altered talc, into the tire, into the mold, and the mold and the lower metal mold center plus put in over the air bag into a rubber sheet ( cheap), then put the balloon to maintain iron, iron into the press, installed screw
6.Tighten the two screws, the tire quickly. To try to ensure that the tire and the mold tight fit, if not fit, loosen the screw and the weight, scratch adjustment
7. It will eventually cure the remaining rubber cut off to ensure a flat tread

We should note that Viviparous glue filling up some 2-3 mm above the tread. Concrete mixer trucks repairs are similar to other cars.

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