What do we should do before operating concrete mixer?


Before operatingconcrete mixer, we should do something to ensure operator or owner safety. The concrete mixer operator should read and understand all safety signs before operating.
What do operators should do before operating concrete mixer? Which includes three parts, operator introduction, gas engine powered and electric motor powered.

Concrete mixer operator should understand more safety sign.
• Read and understand the Operator’s Manual and all safety signs before operating, servicing, adjusting, or cleaning the Mixer.
• Do not allow riders on the machine during transport.
• Install, close and secure all guards, shields and hoods before starting or operating.
• Stop engine or motor, disconnect spark plug wire or unplug power cord, and wait for all moving parts to stop before servicing, adjusting, repairing, or cleaning.
• Clear the area of all bystanders before starting.
• Keep hands, feet, hair and clothing away from moving parts.
• Keep working area clean and dry to prevent slipping and tripping.
• Do not run the mixer in an explosive atmosphere or in a poorly ventilated or enclosed area.
• Wear appropriate hearing protection when operating for long periods of time.
• Always attach safety chain when towing.
• Do not exceed a safe travel speed when towing. Slow down for corners and when going over rough terrain
• Review safety instructions with all operators annually.

Gas engine powered units(diesel engine concrete mixer):
• Do not place hands in the drum unless the engine is OFF and the spark plug wire is disconnected.
• Stay away from hot engine components during operation.
• Do not smoke when refueling gas engine.

Electric motor powered units:
• Do not place hands in the drum unless the motor is OFF and the power cord unplugged.
• Have a licensed electrician wire up and provide power to the motor.
• Only use a power cord that is grounded.
• Always use an electrical cord with the required power carrying capacity.

Whatever concrete mixers or concrete batch plants should be introduced the detail operating and signals. The operators should understand the all safety and more practices.

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