What is ready mixed concrete?


Concrete can be divided into ready mixed concrete and pouring concrete used for different building. Ready mixed concrete is a cementitious material which is also mixed before using. Pouring concrete should be mixed in the construction site.

What is difference between concrete and cement material?
Concrete is a mixture of cementitious materials, water, aggregate, usually sand and gravel or crushed stone. There is a common misunderstanding that cement and concrete are one and the same. Cement is powdered ingredient that provides the glue than binds the aggregates together in mass called concrete.

What is ready mixed concrete?
Ready mixed concrete is that which is delivered to the customer in a freshly mixed and understand state. Due to the ability to customize its properties for different applications and its strength and durability to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions, ready mixed concrete is one of the most versatile and popular building materials.

Concrete mixtures are proportioned to obtain the required properties for the application. It should have the correct consistency, or slump, to facilitate handling and placing and adequate strength and durability to withstand applied loads in the anticipated environment and service conditions. The design quantities of concrete ingredients are accurately weighed and mixed, either in a mixer at the concrete plant or in concrete truck mixer. It is delivered in a truck mixer or agitation unit, which keeps the concrete uniformly mixed until it is discharged at the placement location. Concrete remains plastic for several hours depending on the type of mixture and conditions during placement so that there is sufficient time for it to be placed and finished. Concrete normally sets or hardens within two to twelves hours after mixing and continues to gain strength for months or even years if it is properly cured during the first few days.

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