Maintenance safety, how should the concrete equipment operator do?


After the used concrete mixers, concrete equipment operator should do maintain the products, and should do some measures to ensure person safety.
How should the concrete equipment operator do during maintain concrete equipment?
Review the Operator's Manual and all safety items before working with, maintaining or operating the Mixer.
Stop engine or motor, disconnect spark plug wire or unplug power cord, and wait for all moving parts to stop before servicing, adjusting, repairing, or cleaning.
Follow good shop practices:
Keep hands, feet, clothing and hair away from all
- Keep service area clean and dry.
- Be sure electrical outlets and tools are properly grounded.
- Use adequate light for the job at moving and/or rotating parts
Do not place hands in the drum unless the engine is off and the spark plug wire is disconnected or the power cord is unplugged.
Do not attempt any adjustment or maintenance to any system of the concrete Mixers unless the power source is disabled.
Make sure that all guards, shields and hoods are properly installed and secured before operating the Mixer.
Securely support the machine using blocks or safety stands before working beneath it or changing tires.
Store and transfer gasoline, solvents, cleaners or any flammable liquids only in safety standard approved containers.

Whatever concrete equipment, such as concrete mixer, concrete batching plant or other equipment, concrete equipment operator should do as these reasons.

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