Boom concrete pump for sale


Boom concrete pump for sale is one of construction facility that transport concrete by virtue of press through the pipe and it can transport the concrete with horizontal and vertical continuously.


The features of boom concrete pump for sale
High mechanical and electrical strength
The arm system is important equipment for pump, transporting to long distance or higher floor
Good working adaptability and reliability
Pump system need have strong pump ability and stability
Automatic control system
Hydraulic system
Consisting of pump system and transmission tube
Structure: Piston, squeeze, pressure diaphragm
Normally install in concrete trucks

Hydraulic system for boom concrete pump for sale
DASION design is the subject of concrete pump hydraulic system design.
The design main give an account of pump hydraulic system and option of pump hydraulic components.
Focus on the design of systematic, practical, reflect the principle of streamlining, the attention of the all-round knowledge of the combination

Why do most of people use the boom concrete pump?
High mechanical performance, loss absorb, high cantilever strength
Transporting concrete materials easily, high mixing efficiency
Can continuously work
More Safety than traditional processing
Long service life, lower noise
Anti-pollution resistance

We produce boom concrete pump for sale, normally used as stationary boom, or installed in concrete mixer truck used as concrete boom truck to transport the concrete products.

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