Concrete boom pump


Concrete boom pump is divided into stationary boom pump and mobile boom pump, and this article mainly talks about co-simulation on automatic pouring of truck-mounted concrete boom pump


A concept of automatic concrete pouring of truck-mounted concrete boom pump was presented and discussed.Then the concrete pouring process and the kinematics of the boom sections were analyzed,including the inverse kinematics problem. Transient dynamic analysis was performed to validate the impact of new control system on the boom base on the flexible body co-simulation between ANSYS and ADAMS.A 3D simulation was programmed to imitate the process of automatic pouring and verify the control algorithm. The simulation result shows that the system can pour concrete on a long narrow field automatically,and the boom’s movement is smooth.

Truck-mounted concrete boom pumps have become indispensable equipment in construction,which are being used to pour concrete for everything from slabs and medium high-rise buildings,to large volume commercial and industrial projects.Although the boom system is the most expensive component,its automatization deserves no importance from researchers and engineers.
In many cases, pouring concrete automatically instead of manually will lessen the operator’s labor intensity and increase productivity dramatically.The object in this paper is to scheme an automatic pouring system, as well as to validate the effect of new control system on the boom.
Normally, the pump operator controls the entire machine via a radio remote control unit. This applies not only to the movements of all sections of the multi-section placing boom, but also to the volume of concrete to be poured. The controlling of the sequence of the operation must guarantee that the movement of the placing boom and the placing of the concrete are as smooth as possible.
Traditionally, boom control is accomplished by using a single joystick. In this case, the pump operator controls each individual boom hydraulic cylinder and the slewing gear, preferably directly proportional, in order to secure the precise positioning of the end hose on the construction site. That means an operator has to shift at least five joysticks in turn.
However, to let the end hose move along a long narrow field under the operator’s control is not an easy task. It is almost impossible for an operator to move the end hose through a long linear narrow field. Therefore a strong man is arranged to regulate the end hose position since the end hose is made of synthetic rubber that can be bent.
An automatic pouring system was developed to simplify the pouring operation in this paper. The process is that the operator moves the end hose from one end of a wall to another, and lets the control system record the boom sections’ pose. Then the boom pump can pour the wall automatically from the 2nd point to the 1st point. During pouring the concrete, what the operator has to do is to adjust the boom movement step and concrete flow velocity if necessary.
The concrete boom pump system can be considered as a redundant manipulator,It includes four sections, four hydraulic cylinders and one turntable. All sections were considered rigid bodies. In practice, there are some flexural displacements in all sections during pouring concrete. These displacements are compensated in the control system

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