Concrete mixer pump combo


Concrete mixer pump combo is composed of concrete pump and concrete mixer, especially equipped with concrete trucks. They are Influence each other, cooperate with each other, work together to generate concrete products.


Concrete mixer pump trailer is one of Concrete mixer pump combo having some advantages
Small volume, good structure
Semi-Automatic mechanical control system
Hydraulic motor

L4TG90 series concrete pump is one of special concrete mixer pump trailer. The technical data is
Stirring direction: clockwise
Nominal discharge capacity: 90ml/r
Rated speed: 2400r/min
Maximum speed: 3050r/min
Rated compressor: 40 MPa
Charge pump displacement: 28.3ml/r
Charge pump pressure: 2.2MPa
Weight: 50kg

JBT concrete mixer pump is main type of DASION Concrete mixer pump combo, which is new type of concrete mixing trailer pump combines function of concrete mixer and concrete delivery pump.

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