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Concrete mixer pump for sale - hydraulic system structure


1.Aggregate hopper
2.Hydraulic cylinder
3.Delivery plunger barrel
4.Washing room
5.Hydraulic cylinder
6.Concrete pump plunger

Concrete mixer pump structure includes the hydraulic system, water system, hose and pump etc. The concrete pump hydraulic system includes transmission system, mixing system, support system and cleaning system.

The working principle of concrete mixer pump
It is composed of vacuum suction piston-cylinder high-pressure piston pump conveyor.
When a master cylinder driven by a concrete pump plunger return spool valve cylinder will slide open the intake door, closed door delivery spool, a concrete delivery pump plunger cavity through the suction valve slide door, from suction hopper concrete;
another slide valve actuating cylinder with suitable slide valve will open the door delivery, closed suction valve slide door, another master cylinder piston pushes the other concrete pump plunger cavity in the concrete by opening doors slide valve delivery via Y-tube and pipes connected thereto, the concrete delivered to the construction site, through two concrete concrete pump suction, delivery plunger barrel alternate delivery system work to achieve concrete continuous conveyor.
Y-tube pipe tee is connected to one end of two spool transfer door and the other end connected to the construction site of concrete pipes

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