Concrete mixer pump rental


If you buy Concrete mixer pump, used for one concrete projects, you can concrete mixer pump rental to needs of people which are operating the concrete mixer pumps skillfully. And they should note five points.


There are 5 points which are important for operator:
1.Concrete mixer pump installed in the placer which should have no obstacle, no high voltage transmission lines, equipped with booms, should established high mechanical strength support.
2.The horizontal concrete pump are covered in the straight direction, less bending, and stability and reliability, high mechanical strength
3.Forbid to connect the transmission tube to the concrete mixer pump discharging door, the operator should connect the beyond 10cm horizontal tube on the horizontal direction front accessories. In some conditions, Live exhaust valve should be installed on a slope, so that the exhaust
4.Should always monitor a variety of instruments and indicators, found dis-normal phenomena which should be timely adjusted or treatment. In case of pipeline blockage, should reverse operation (counter-spindle) uses concrete hopper to return, if necessary demolition excluded tube blockage.
5.the work should be continuous pumping operation must be suspended should be 5 ~ 10min (winter 03 ~ 5min) pumping every second. If the stop pumping after a long time, you should run one or two reverse stroke, then pumped forward. Hopper should maintain a certain amount of pumping concrete, do not breathe air.

If the 5 points are learned, the operator can skillfully operating the concrete mixer pump and better maintenance the concrete mixer pump rental.

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