Concrete pump hose


Concrete pump hose is manufactured form rubber materials, includes terminal and delivery hoses. And the pump hoses are generally connecting with other accessories, such as bolts or nuts.


The features of Concrete pump hose
High reliability and customization
Rubber hoses are characterized by the high resistance to abrasion and the optimum flexibility ensuring a minimum stretching during pumping.
The technological research allows to make a product in which the fittings, tempered and zinc-plated, are pressed with a technical accuracy that removes any internal roughness.
Operating pressure 85 bar.
Available with either one or two pressed fittings
Normally installed with zinc-plated fittings

As one of concrete equipment manufacturers from China, DASION can produces for blending purpose in construction, maritime and mining field, starting from hoses of small diameter with a 35 Bar operating pressure to 6” with a 85 Bar operating pressure.

For less heavy workloads we are also able to supply two-bolt banding clamps, toothed fittings and many accessories such as: steel safety cables, support disks and terminal hoses.

Concrete pump hose or pumping hose can be designed to handle the pumping of concrete, plaster or grout mixer. The pressure can be designed in different grades.

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