Fixed form concrete paver


Fixed form concrete paver is one of concrete equipment used for paving the way to progress and prosperity,which is normally used for road construction in any conditions.


Fixed form concrete paver features
Other paving length variants available on request
Multiple pass capability facilitates leveling of high spots and filling surface voids
Self mounted powerful halogen lamps recharged through battery
Four mechanical swivel type jacks with tires for height adjustment fitted at each end of structure. It helps to position the paver on the forms as well travel in or out of panel areas
Steering is effortlessly and precisely controlled with levers governing two sets of drive tubes
Control unit includes all hydraulics and mechanical drives
Hydraulic drive system for dependable operations
Frames are made from hollow sections
Finishing width up to 4.5 meter. Machine can finish upto 200

Fixed form concrete paver main technical data

Prime mover Engine 32hp @1500 RPM
Drive tube speed 0-80 RPM
Strike tube speed 0-400 RPM
Hydraulic tank capacity 60ltr
Fuel tank capacity 44 LTR
Screw jack with tyres 4 NOS.
Supply voltage 12v DC


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