How to clean old concrete in concrete mixer?


After using Concrete mixer, there are some remains inner the drum wall, how to clean old concrete in a concrete mixer and what do you need Tools or skills


Firstly, we should own some tools which can reduce the labor
Hydrochloric acid or muriatic acid
Hammer or rubber mallet
Protective goggles and gloves

How to clean old concrete in concrete mixer / cement mixer
1.Begin by turning on the mixer and allowing it to spin
2.Add a couple of gallons of water to the mixer.
3.While it is spinning, gently tap the outside of the drum with a rubber mallet or small hammer. Use caution not to make big dents on the drum. As you are hitting the outside of the drum, the cement should begin to break up and fall off the wall.
4.After the large chunks are removed, open the release and allow the water and chunks of cement to drain out.
5.Use a chisel to knock off any remaining chunks from the surface.
6.Next, put on your protective gloves and goggles.
7.To remove the final layer of cement, pour one part hydrochloric acid into two parts water in a bucket. Always pour the acid into the water,and not the other way around!
8.Add the acid mixture to the barrel and keep it spinning. The acid will remove the final layers of cement from the surface.
9.Tilt the mixer so that the acid/water mixture reaches all the way to the edges of the barrel.
10.Once the cement is removed, drain and dispose of the acid appropriately.
11.Rinse the drum out completely with water. A hose or pressure washer is useful for this.
12.Allow the mixer to dry before storing

This article just reference for cleaning concrete mixer, if you don’t have some convenient tools, you can choose similar tools replace them. Other concrete mixer can be cleaned in this way, such as twin shaft concrete mixers.

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