JS750 concrete mixer structure


JS750 concrete mixer is one of concrete equipment used for construction projects, and JS750 concrete mixer structure accessories include hoisting device, mixer frame, JS750 mixer, water supplying system and electric controlling system etc.


JS750 concrete mixer structure accessories detail
hoisting device for cement mixer includes
enlength track
charging frame
steel rope fixed devices
conical brake motor
limit switch

JS750 concrete mixer frame
landing legs and inclination support
side walk
upper and lower ladder
concrete discharging bin

JS750 concrete mixer machine
JS750 double forced horizontal shafts mixer reducer
mixing device
discharging device
discharging cylinder
oil supplying system

water supplying system for cement concrete mixer
water pump
water supplying pipelines
cleaning device

electric controlling system for JS cement concrete mixer
electric components
control console
wires and cables

JS750 concrete mixer structure accessories also include some assemblies, such as saws, nuts, bolts and other connective products.

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