Planetary concrete mixer for sale


DASION supply EMPG and EPM planetary concrete mixer for sale are able to produce a large range of different concrete types and qualities used for different place.


Planetary concrete mixer for sale used in various industries
• Paving stone making plants using face and core concretes
• Concrete pipe making plants
• Carrousel plants producing different concrete products
• Precast concrete works needing medium to large concrete quantities
• Combined plants for the production of precast concrete and ready-mix concrete
• Concrete pipe making plants

Due to the offset rotational axis of the mixing stars the individual mixing tools of the mixing stars form a sort of planetary path. Opening and closing of the mixer gate is controlled electro-hydraulically. The large discharge gate ensures short discharging times. Several discharge openings are offered as options and allow the mixer to be tailored to specific concrete discharging tasks such as connection to bucket conveyor, concrete distributer or truck mixer feeding. It goes without saying that the mixer gate is fitted with a manual emergency opening.

According to different application, Planetary concrete mixer can be designed in different sizes. Planetary mixer is one of vertical shaft concrete mixer producing different concrete for different construction.

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