Vibration impactor tamper


Vibration impactor tamper can be divided into internal fuel tamper and motor vibration impact tamper, the former used the fuel materials, the later used the power. And the two types are designed in different structures.


The Vibration impactor tamper model includes HCR70, HCD100B,HCR80B, and Vibration

Model HCR80B HCR70
Impact strength,N.m 60 -
Speed of advance(m/min) 10-30 10-12
Weight(kg) 80 70
Jumping height, mm 40-65 50-60
Tampering,r/min 250-750 360
Input power,PS 5.5 -
Motor Engineer - GX100

HCD100B impactor tamper main specifications

Model HCD100B
Oil consumption,g/kwh 325
Impact strength,kn 16.5
Weight(kg) 80
Jumping height, mm 50-80
Tampering frequency ,n/min 650-700
Area,cm 285*340
Motor Engineer GX160

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