YJS1250 twin shaft mixers


YJS1250 twin shaft mixers are compulsory mixers having good properties or performance and suitable for cement, concrete or mortar mixture materials with high quality and good mechanical strength. Method for testing the performance of concrete mixers are important for clients.


YJS1250 twin shaft mixers also called double shaft concrete mixers, each mixers should be tested in some requirements of environments
1.Nominal capacity
2.Stirring Slump is designed in 10-30mm concrete
3.The cement capacity is 300-500kg/m3, and the proportion of sand is 38%-42%
4.the first drum of concrete materials are not tested, the time between first or second drum concrete is less than or equal 30min
5.The tests should be defect during the mixture material manufacturing process
6.Aggregate should be in surface dry state

And some data for YJS1250 twin shaft mixers should be recorded
Test machine or tools
Testing place requirement
Noise, whether anti-pollution or not
Discharge time
Feed time
Mixing time

YJS1250 twin shaft mixers main technical parameters

Model YJS1250
Discharging volume(L) 1250
Charging volume(L) 1750
Max.aggregate(mm) 80/100
Mixing time(s) ≤60
Motor power(kw) 22*2
Dimension (mm) 3020*2000*1920
Weight(kg) 5500

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