YJS1500 twin shaft concrete mixer China


YJS1500 twin shaft concrete mixer China is designed in discharging capacity 1500 nad weight 5800kg, which is forced action cement mixers with low noise, good reliable resistance and high mechanical strength used in batching plants.


The structure of YJS1500 twin shaft concrete mixer China
Support frame
Control system
Mixing drum
Discharging arm
Engine-motor etc.

YJS1500 is means that double shaft compulsory mixer and nominal capacity is 1500L. The mixers are normally used in AC380V±38v; the frequency is 30Hz±0.5Hz. YJS1500 twin shaft concrete mixers should have corrosion resistance, high strength and worse resistance.

YJS1500 twin shaft concrete mixer China main technical specifications

Model YJS1500
Discharging volume(L) 1500
Charging volume(L) 2250
Max.aggregate(mm) 80/100
Mixing time(s) ≤60
Motor power(kw) 30*2
Dimension (mm) 3230*2000*1920
Weight(kg) 5800

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