concrete mixer pump india


Concrete mixer pump india and China are both the popular supplier, manufacturer and exporter. DASION can produce the concrete mixer pump with trailer or truck, also produce single pump.


Concrete mixer pump india or China includes
Concrete mixer with pump, trailer pump
Concrete mixer truck pump, installed in concrete trucks
Fine stone diesel pump etc.

Concrete mixer pump india or China features
Suitable used in four or six floor buildings,especially in the group buildings, bridge, and the spread of small construction sits
Include concrete mixer and concrete pump
High mixing efficiency
Hydraulic pumping system
Double motors mixing for quick mixing

Concrete mixer pump india or China advantages
1. Set mixing and pumping in one, allowing users to more easily efficient construction.
2. A large mixing capacity, mixing good effect.
3. Integrated design, small footprint devices, moving flexibility.
4. The electrical system uses computer-controlled, stable and reliable performance, high degree of automation.
5. Lubrication system uses computer control, less fuel consumption, low cost, high degree of automation.
6. Advanced swing cylinder, thrust increased by 50%, the S pipe swing fast, reliable scape for fine aggregate concrete is more extensive.
7. All pumps are provided with a suction filter, and set up a return filter 10μm, to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid from the fundamental to ensure the long-term stability of hydraulic components, reducing user costs.
8. The main variable piston pump using full use of the motor power, the system pressure is high.
9. Glasses plates and cutting rings carbide, wear and long life.

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